ATLANT roof carrier systems

ATLANT roof carrier systems

Car owners increasingly include roof carriers into the list of mandatory car accessories. Active way of life (sports, recreation, hiking and tours) requires the use of equipment and accessories, which often cannot be placed inside the vehicle. Roof carrier frames will help easily solve this problem.

“Metalloproduktsia” has been engaged in designing and manufacturing of roof carriers and accessories for them under the “Atlant” trademark since 2001. Currently we are the only company in Russia manufacturing roof carriers for foreign cars on a large-scale. Products are designed for the car of the majority of brands and modifications of national and foreign manufacturers. Availability of the design department and its own manufacturing facilities enable us to meet the market demands quickly.

The product range includes the following groups:

  • roof carriers (roof carrier frames)
  • ski and bicycle holders
  • baskets
  • boxes
  • additional equipment

The basic accessory is certainly a roof carrier. “Atlant” roof carriers are installed on the vehicle roof and secured using the most optimal method for the car of this brand. Various holders and equipment are mounted on the roof carrier frames. Installation of these items is very simple, not requiring any additional tools and taking short time not exceeding 10-15 min.

Modern high-tech materials such as aluminum, plastic and composites are used for the manufacturing. They have a high safety margin and are inert to environmental influences.

Additional information about the product can be provided:

  • by sales department (812) 335-05-25